Safe Start Foyer

Safe Start Foyer offers integrated secure housing, support and training for vulnerable young people aged 16-25.

By giving support and encouragement in a secure environment, residents are able to achieve their life goals and make the successful transition from dependence to independence.

By addressing issues and barriers to personal development through our programme of life skills, individuals develop stronger self confidence and self belief.

The programme covers:

  • Employability
  • Communication
  • Respect
  • Healthy and Independent Living
  • Drug and Alcohol awareness
  • Basic Living Skills (decorating or wiring plugs)

Residents compile portfolios to demonstrate the modules they undertake,
and their achievements whilst living at the Foyer. This hard work culminates in presentation of the City and Guilds Certificate in Learning Power, a valuable addition to individual’s CV’s.

Case Study


James had an emotional breakdown whilst studying Nursing at Kings College. Due to his emotional state, he could not continue with his studies and as he was living in college accommodation, became homeless.

He arrived at the Foyer with very complex issues including an eating disorder and severe depression. James also has a history of self harm, physical and emotional abuse and lacked social skills.

During his stay at the Foyer through sheer hard work and determination James is emotionally settled and eating regularly. He has returned to nursing and continues to receive the support and encouragement he needs.