Wembley Housing

27% of Brent’s households are affected by poor housing, limited job
opportunities, poor health and restricted access to services. 22,894 households are
in unsuitable housing. 6,213 households require immediate re-housing.

Source: Brent's RSL Development Team.


Wembley Housing project consists of 5 self-contained, short term lets above our Wembley Irish Centre and our nearby four-bed hostel. Both provide quality move-on accommodation for those ready to take the next step from supported housing and offer a real stepping stone to self sufficiency.

For those who have recently qualified it is virtually impossible to earn enough money to pay the high rents of Private Landlords. The temptation is to remain in the cycle of claiming benefits. These properties enable independence and reward the desire to develop.


Our experienced Housing Officer offers confidential support, advice and guidance as well as valuable links to Housing Associations and Private Landlords.

Click here for advice on Housing Benefit and Housing Providers 

Case Study
Mr O’Leary

Mr O’Leary is an elderly Irish man whose poor physical health meant he suffered redundancy from the building site. He was at risk of homelessness due to non-payment of rent and needed assistance with a pension credit/housing benefit application due to limited reading & writing ability.

We completed the pension credit and housing benefit applications on his behalf and made contact with his landlords to reassure them that they will receive all outstanding rent.

The benefit claims have now been assessed and Mr O’Leary is receiving the maximum amount of pension credit and housing benefit.

We are currently trying to access more secure accommodation and are assisting him with an application for sheltered accommodation.

Initially Mr O’Leary had no idea of his entitlements and without assistance this proud man may have slipped through the system and returned to the building sites.